Internet – A globalized network of communication

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Internet is a globalized network of communication that is a technological invention of the modern times. It has provided the scope for communicating information rapidly. This form of wireless communication services is in vogue because of its worldwide popularity. The advent of this system of communication began with the arrival of electronic computers in the early 1950’s.The entire use of this wireless mode of communication began to expand over the late 1980’s.It had a vast and revolutionary impact on the culture, technology and also on the mass as a whole. This virtual online media has been developing since.

  • The use of this virtual online mode of communication has increased ever since. It has enhanced the ability to communicate information anywhere at any time. Time, place or for that matter even situations have not been able to hinder the passing on of any piece of information or message. Technology plays an integral part of our life now. We have become extremely depended on this form of online communication. Life seems stagnant if one is not able to avail it.
  1. It provides us basic services which are significant for our daily purposes. With the advent of this technological invention the ancient format of writing letter which has become obsolete. The whole system of telegram has recently been removed as its demand had decreased with the gradual flow of time. Both the older generation and the younger generations are now equally depended on these services. Now an individual can communicate his message quite easily without any delay. It is all just a click away. All one needs to know is how to use the device which has help this individual access this easy form of communication.
  1. Social networking sites have become a major reason for the popularity of this virtual online mode of communication. It can act both as a boon and a curse. It depends on the individual who is using it. The social networking browsers and sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Skype, and Twitter, MySpace or any such chatting and co-mingling sites have helped to eradicate the boundaries as barriers of communication. Distance can no longer prevent an individual from reaching out to his loved ones. It has gone so viral that nowadays people are even attending social events online. These new ways of socializing and interacting have helped in bringing together of various cultures, tastes, and background.
  1. In the world of entertainment, the virtual media acts as a huge market for trying out various kinds of marketing strategies such as a movie release and its market study can be researched before hand by releasing a trailer on the entertainment site named YouTube for that matter. The viewership provides the movie-makers an idea of how well the movie will do once released in the market. This thing acts as a platform where one gets the scope to review the work before the audiences hit the theaters. The same happens in a case of music, video games and much more.

What You Need To Know About Money before Turning 20

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The carefree days of teens are not when you worry yourself sick with money matters. However, before hitting your twenties is actually the time to learn about money, a lot more than spending it on all you wish to fill your closets with.  The money lessons are ought to be taught at a tender age so not only to induce saving habits but also to garner a culture of smart spending. Here is what you need to know about money before turning 20:

1)    It is important to learn budgeting at a young age

If you think it is alright to put it off for the time when you’d be completely financially independent, it is high time you ditch the theory. Before you hit your twenties and start minting money from a serious job, you need to know how to spend it and when not to. For that matter, a budget preparation always helps and has to be a learned skill, do so with your weekly or monthly allowance if you aren’t earning yet.

2)    Credit cards aren’t magic cards

The very concept of absence of immediate responsibility which comes with the use of a credit card has to be something taken seriously, especially for the young adults before their twenties. However, it is often advised, and very rightly so, that credit cards shouldn’t be handed over to teens unless it is absolutely necessary. The concept of buying with less or no worry to pay later is something detrimental when it comes to learning about money in early years.

3)    It is important to learn basic concepts of banking

Almost all of the banks offer accounts for teenagers and that is one tool to use to learn about basic banking principles. The idea is to learn about the significance of money and about the regulations and restrictions implied by financial institutions which one has to understand anyhow.

4)    Saving always helps

No matter how tempting it is to take charge of all your money at once and spend it on all what you want without the mere consideration of consulting an adult; it is a way better idea to save it. Saving, undoubtedly, works in the long run whether you need to pay for your college tuition or any other emergency need arising, safely stashed away money helps in various manners. It is something you need to know the earlier the better, so your twenties isn’t the time you are only experimenting with finances.

5)    Differentiate between needs and wants

It is highly important for teens to get to grasp the concept and difference between needs and wants and act in accordance to the same when it comes to their spending habits they are in check by themselves since as young age. The idea is not to turn your young adults into miserly people but to make sure they know where they are spending the hard-earned money and to help them make smart decisions and learn about the various types of spending habits and their outcomes. It is also essential for people to learn before their twenties about browsing their investment options and know what serious stuff they could do with their money.…